Sunday, February 1, 2009


A lot of blogs have a main charictor I mine doesn't so now it's going all you have to do is vote witch one.Lets see who running Jinxie one of my friends cat, he may look fat but that is all musiles.Emerson One of my friend's dog, they used to live in China.Lala my nieghbors dog, Yappers sister. Timmy a partly stray cat, his owners kick him out of the house when people aren't looking, so kids on my block including me look out for him and take care of him.Last but not least Tux my grand parents Dog also known as crazy Tux. I f you want to more about them you will soon. Hurry and wait.

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  1. Man, poor Timmy. Must be tough to not be wanted by your humans. Too bad you can't find someone to adopt him and give him a good home.